Director of IICM becomes a member of expert team of BIM Steering Committee at MOC

As expected BIM 2015-2020 roadmap government has made positive moves, on 22/12/2016 Ministry of Construction officially approved BIM application scheme in construction and management activities The Institute of Construction Economics-BXD is the standing body. According to the task of preparing the conditions for implementation from 2017 to 2019, on March 21, 1977, the Ministry of Construction issued Decision 203 / QD-BXD on the establishment of the Steering Committee The Steering Committee (BIM Steering Committee) is chaired by Mr. Le Quang Hung, Vice Minister of Ministry of Construction, to assist the Minister of Construction in coordinating and supervising the implementation of coordination among ministries. to accomplish the tasks and complete the objectives of each stage in the project has been approved by the Prime Minister.
With experience in deploying many BIM projects in Vietnam and abroad, the same system of applied research. Mr. NGUYEN THE QUAN, Director of IICM, Deputy Dean of Faculty of Transport and Tourism has been invited by the BIM Steering Committee to be a member of the expert group who is in charge of developing the BIM Implementation Plan into the project. Quan was honored to accept the invitation.
He soon realized that BIM was the best solution to improve and build Vietnam in line with developing countries in the world (England, USA, Netherlands, Singapore …). From the year 2014 to present, Mr. Quan is one of the active members in researching and developing the topic of science and technology: “Researching and building a roadmap to apply the information technology model (BIM) to raise high efficiency design, construction and management in Vietnam “at the Institute of Building Construction and Building.
Recently, he and the leaders of the Institute of Management Investment Construction (IICM) established BIM Consulting Center – Consulting. Educate. Technology transfer. This is the first step for the efforts of Mr. Quan and IICM to connect the construction industry stakeholders (investors, project management boards, contractors, consultants), national and international experts in orientation. Effective BIM implementation in Vietnam’s construction sector, despite many barriers and many perceptions of the feasibility of the initial steps.
Receiving the trust of the steering committee, Thay will have the opportunity to continue to dedicate, research and connect Vietnam’s construction industry to the world through BIM.
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