IICM provides comprehensive construction consulting services that supply the best products for your project. Our experts have decades of construction experience and we are always willing to consult the best solution to tackle challenges that clients face throughout the construction process. Depending on specific requirements, IICM provides the following construction consulting services:

  1. Construction Design

–  Planning, architectural designing, interior & exterior designing;

–  Designing civil, industrial and marine-coastal construction structures;

–  Designing irrigation/hydroelectric works (dams, tunnels, culverts, irrigation canals, river-bank protection works);

–  Designing Mechanical and Electrical systems, civil and industrial automation systems;

–  Designing transmission and distribution lines and substation up to 110KV;

–  Designing water supply and drainage systems for works;

–  Designing bridges and roads;

–  Designing ventilation, heat supply, and air conditioning systems for works;

–  Designing communication networks for works;

–  Designing firefighting systems;

–  Topographic and geological surveying of civil and industrial works, traffic and irrigation systems;

  1. Construction Supervision.

–  Supervising civil, industrial and marine-coastal construction projects;

–  Supervising construction of traffic works, bridges and roads;

–  Supervising construction of water supply and drainage works, technical infrastructure;

–  Supervising construction of irrigation and hydropower works;

–  Supervising geological survey of construction works;

–  Supervising the installation of equipment for civil, industrial and technical infrastructure works;

–  Supervising the installation of equipment for water supply and drainage system of construction works;

–  Supervising the installation of mechanical equipment for civil and industrial works;

–  Supervising the installation of telecommunication systems;

–  Supervising the installation of ventilation, heat supply, and air conditioning systems;

–  Supervising the installation of civil and industrial equipment, transmission lines and substations;

–  Supervising the installation of firefighting system;

–  Supervising the construction of hydroelectric plants with the installed capacity up to 300 MW;

  1. Construction Economics

– Bid consulting services: bid document preparation, bid evaluation, bidder selection: construction and installation, equipment installation, procurement of goods, selection of consultants, foreign investment consulting service;

– Setting, appraising total cost estimate, cost estimate of construction works, settlement of investment capital of civil, industrial construction works, traffic, irrigation, technical infrastructure;

– Consultancy on investment projects for construction of civil, industrial works, defense, transport, irrigation and technical infrastructure, water supply and drainage and environment;

– Consultancy on management of construction investment expenses:Calculating, verification total investment; Evaluating the efficiency of investment projects on construction of works; Determining investment capital norms, norms, unit prices, construction price indexes; Bill of quantity; Construction project estimation; Determining bidding price and contract; Controlling the construction costs; Drawing the payment and final settlement documents ; Drawing payment and final settlement of the capital investment to work construction ;

–  Making reports on the assessment of environmental impacts, observation of environmental impacts on quality of civil construction works, urban and rural infrastructure;

–  Project preparation consultancy services, project management consulting services;

–  Service of inspection and certification of quality conformity of construction works;

–  Setting, appraising construction standards/norms, unit prices of urban and public service products;

  1. BIM

Consulting and training center – BIM NUCE was established by IICM as a leading BIM services consultancy center. We are providing solutions in the Vietnam and beyond, specialized in Implementation, Production, Support, and Training under Building Information Modeling (BIM). The following BIM services:

+ Providing strategic advising key steps to successful BIM implementation for your projects: BIM in the design phase, BIM in construction management, BIM in facility operation.

+ Assessing company capacity to build the implementing BIM standards

+ Setting sequencing and scheduling works by using 4D BIM technology

+ Setting cost modeling and evaluating the return on investment by using 5D BIM technology.

+ Providing BIM training courses: BIM manager, BIM for architecture, structure and MEP design, using software BIM such as Revit, Ecotect, Vasari, Navisworks, Dynamo, and Inventer Fusion


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