Recruitment of economic engineers

The following partners of IICM have the need to recruit construction economists
1. Vinaconex CM recruited male QS, experience is less acceptable but requires agility, honesty, hard work. Work in Hanoi office and go to the construction site (currently around Hanoi, both inside and outside)
2. Investment Management Company of the Group recruited people with experience in settlement or cost estimation from 3 years experience or more, regardless of male, female, requirements hard, hard work, work in Ha Cabinet
3. Hai Phat Company recruited male construction engineer with experience of about 5 years, good estimation and investment efficiency. Worked at To Huu Street, Ha Dong.
Salary negotiated by experience and work, exchange interview
Who would like to send a resume to IICM@NUCE.EDU.VN, specify the title of email to apply for which company.

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