Results of discussion:" Overview of Revit software and its application to the real projects" at IICM

  1. Content:
    Introduction to the program, Institue of Investment and Construction Management (IICM) and the project
    Overview of BIM, practical applications: Definition, an overview of current BIM situation in Vietnam and the effect of BIM on the future of Construction Industry
    Overview of Revit software: Outstanding features, additions of the new versions, Status and the application of Revit software in Vietnam, Potential and opportunities of using Revit.
    Introduction to the software display and basic tools
    Introduction to the content of the Revit courses at IICM
  2. Time and place: Saturday, 2nd June 2018, from 13h30 to 17h at Rm.309, Experiment Building, National University of Civil Engineering
  3. Participants: Lecturers and BIM experts of IICM and more than 20 participants are students in the field of architecture and structure.
  4. Result
    Many ideas, comments, and questions raised by practitioners about Revit.
    Additional Revit Knowledge Platform
    Raise awareness of the role of Revit in the construction industry nowadays.
    At the end of the discussion, 50% of the Revit Courses scholarships at the IICM for the three lucky students.

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