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Conducting scientific research into construction industry is one of IICM’s strengths. We have many years of scientific research experience, and providing services related to applying research is our advantage.

In many years, IICM had signed contracts with partners to provide services related to applying research results of IICM researchers. In addition, with its achievements, IICM becomes a reliable unit to many agencies, organizations for collaboration.

In years to come, IICM will continue to advance scientific research, expand research scope and enhance cooperation with international and national science agencies aiming to apply wider research achievements, consequently bring management and investment benefits to other agencies

A presentation of research project at Ministry of Construction

A number of research projects conducted by IICM staff in recent 5 years (2011-2016)

No Projects and Researches Level Leaders Year
1 Developing a roadmap to apply BIM in Vietnam Nation Institute of Economics (Ministry of Construction) 2016
2 A pilot study on applying Building Information Modelling (BIM) to green and sustainable building design Protocol (NUCE and NTU-Taiwan) Nguyen The Quan (participant) 2015 – 2017
3 Building BIM application strategies to increase effectiveness in designing, executing and managing construction building in Vietnam Ministry of Construction Le ThiHoai An (participant) 2014 – 2015
4 Defining effective working scope for project management consultancy in Vietnamese buildings NUCE(core) Pham Xuan Anh 2012
5 Application of Price management in construction project management in Vietnam NUCE Nguyen The Quan 2012
6 Assessment methods of technical selections in multi-items construction projects NUCE Nguyen Quoc Toan 2012
7 Standards for bidding document assessment in construction NUCE


Nguyen Van Hai 2011
8 Solutions for improving competitive advantage of professional project consultancy companies in Vietnam NUCE


Le Hong Thai 2011
9 Solving insufficiency of fundraising in real estate investment projects NUCE Nguyen ThiThu Hang 2011

Organizing international and domestic conferences

No Conferences Time& Venue Organizational partners of IICM
1 International seminar upon Boosting the adoption of BIM in Vietnam 19/05/2017 at NUCE Campus National Taiwan University

The Taiwan Construction Management Associations

2 Redevelopment of old department buildings into livable urban spaces 29/10/2014

at Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences

Vinaconex R&D, ICUCE, HealthBridge, UN-Habitat Viet Nam. Conference Proceedings (ISBN: 978-604-82-1387-9), republished in The Builders and Architecture magazine.
3 Application of BIM in design, construction and implementation of buildings 28/02/2014 at NUCE campus Archibus solution centre in Vietnam, Institute of Construction Economics
4 Construction Economics and Management – theoretical and practical issues 8/11/2013

at NUCE campus

Institute of Construction Economics, Faculty of Construction Economics and Management (NUCE)
5 Building Information Modelling 28/03/2013 at NUCE campus Queen’s University of Belfast, Faculty of Construction Economics and Management (NUCE)
6 Implementation of infrastructure projects in developing countries – Experience of Taiwan 08/07/2008 at NUCE campus National University of Civil Engineering, Pan Asia Group, Moh and Associates (connected by National University of Taiwan)