IICM abbreviated for Institute of Investment and Construction Management is an organization under National University of Civil Engineering. IICM specializes in scientific research, consulting, technology transferring and training in constructional field. On May 5th, 2014, the Minister of Education and Training made a decision No. 1546 / QD-BGDĐT of establishment of IICM. Formerly, it was named the Investment Service Center and Scientific Applications of Construction Economics and founded on June 25th 1989 according to Decision No. 744 / QD of the Universities.

The Institute has its own legal status, seal and separate accounts, independence on economic account and operational autonomy according to the provisions of Decree No. 115/2005/ND – CP of September 5th, 2015  regulations about autonomy and self-responsibility of the scientific and technological public institutions.

IICM has undergone 25 years of growth and development with specific activities such as scientific research, providing advisory services and organize short-term training courses on various special subjects

The Institute’s Leaders are as follow

The Director: Assoc. Prof. Nguyen The Quan (Ph.D)

The Vice Director: MSc. Nguyen Van Lap

The Chief Accountant: MSc.  Nguyen Thi Thanh Nhan

IICM incessantly makes every effort to gradually perfect the quality of training process in the educational integration period. IICM has been continuously developed performance transfer of  science and technology to have vital contribution to success in training highly specialist human resources to serve key building projects of our country and meet needs of constructional markets at home and abroad.

Coming to IICM, you would be equipped useful knowledge and scientific information about both constructional field and other related areas. Moreover, it is the ideal place for sharing individual views about construction.

We have strong confidence that under the close leadership of The National University of Civil Engineering, we increasingly better and enrich training contents to become a familiar and reliable place for people who are internal and external profession. IICM is determined to accomplish its mission in the new developing stage.

Best wishes for your health, happiness, and success!


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